PHIL100 Introduction To Philosophy

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Case: Counseling and sexual orientation

You are also a committed fundamentalist Christian who is disgusted by homosexual behavior and gay culture.

One day, a gay client who was referred to your by a colleague, calls your door and asks for your help.

Your years of practice have taught you that you must listen to this person talk about his/her homosexual/lesbian behavior, beliefs, and commitment to the LGBT/lesbian cause.

This prospect presents you with a moral dilemma.

Is this the right time to accept this person as your new client?

If you refuse to accept him/her, you should be honest and openly admit that you are not the best or most effective psychologist in this area. You’re also 30 miles away from any other city offering your services.

What would your approach be if you were to accept him/her?

What will you base your decisions on, whichever path you take?


This case can be handled using the AJ Method.

In an essay format, argue your way to moral decision making in light the above-mentioned approach (AJ).


It is a source of pride for me to be the top counselor and psychologist in my area.

It takes 30 miles to reach a counselor and psychologist with the same expertise as me.

The town considers me to be very trustworthy.

I am invited to attend almost all the social work and humanitarian events in the area where I live.

Both the citizens of my town and the government consider me to be one of their most valuable citizens, or more precisely, the most precious citizen.

As the best psychologist in the town, I enjoy multiple benefits.

I am one of three trustees in my community. One high school, one college and one elementary school.

Many people visit me whenever I am in town.

I have many famous clients who took my sessions and many of them still keep in touch.

They were able get great results.

They sometimes recommend their friends and families to go to counseling with me.

This is how I came across many people in my 28-years of experience in psychology. They all have different mentalities.

It’s fascinating to learn how they judge the environment around them.

My long-term client base revealed that one man was too silent and sad about his life. Another lady was excited about the episodes that occurred for a particular time in her own life.

One man was very picky about his clothes while the other was more concerned with his family. He lost his three-year-old daughter in one Christmas Eve.

The human mind is full suspense. Who knows what might happen, but we can only predict certain symptoms.

Psychologists prefer one way of life to the other, taking into account these symptoms.

I’ve been doing this almost for 20 years.

I’m also a Christian Fundamentalist.

Although I was born into a communist family (my dad was one of the most prominent cardiologists of his era), I have been drawn towards Christ from the beginning of my life. I also grew up hearing stories about the miracles he accomplished and the pain he suffered.

I believe in God’s Word and the Bible.

Although I may be viewed as a racist by critics, I don’t prefer to waste my time listening. I believe only in God and follow the principals he has requested his followers to.

A person in his 30s came to see me on a sunny day.

Samuel Henderson, one of my colleagues, recommended him. He was unable to care for this client.

I was very unimpressed with his appearance.

His manner of speaking to me, his gaze at me and his gestures both annoyed me.

I was in a dilemma about whether to take this client.

As a firm believer and follower Christ, I cannot interact with anyone from the homosexual group. But, as a psychologist it is my duty help anyone who comes to see me with expectations.

I was confused and asked that the client contact me after a week, as I did not have other options than to self-analyze.

I began to deeply think about it.

It was difficult.

I was not allowed to discuss homosexuality or the activities that were being done by this particular client. I therefore decided to cancel all future meetings.

I then realized that this person had come with the expectation that I would be the best counselor and psychologist for him.

This is my profession and the client came from a very close relationship.

Because he is my client, it would be wrong for me to refuse him. We also have clients who reach out through our close connections.

In light of all these circumstances, I decided to assist the person.

Yes, I didn’t send him to a facility similar in the area.

The AJ Method focuses on the ethical analysis, reasoning and justification of any given issue.

The AJ Technique has four phases that are “nonpartisan”. They include a thorough examination of the issue. This includes a careful review. Only the last step involves standing firm on the issue. That progression requires clarification and legitimization (to oneself).

In the case above, the information concerning the counselee has been gathered and was used for the decision-making procedure.

In this particular case, counseling is the main purpose of this method.

In this, justification is also important.

According to the case I had to leave behind my Christianity fundamentalism in order to help him and guide his steps.

However, our religion does not allow homo-sexual marriages.

The AJ method can be used to solve any kind of ethical or critical problem.

It is always required to reject any moral strategy on the grounds of moral reasoning.

It deals in the reflection of ethics with a lot of good luck.

Role Of Ethics

There are several types of ethics.

Utilitarianism believes that what matters most is the man’s satisfaction and enduring (Peters).

Therefore, being a good person means increasing your satisfaction and reducing the misery around.

Kantians ethics focuses on the standards and stresses behind activities rather than an activity’s outcome (Ward).

To act in this way, one must be inspired by general rules that respect everyone (Hursthouse).

The theory behind contract suggests looking at morals in terms of understandings between individuals.

VanHooft argues that the best decision is made only when everyone in the society agrees with it.

Virtue ethical theory emphasizes the importance of putting connections before all other variables.

Acting properly means building, strengthening and maintaining strong connections.

This is how you show compassion for others and the connections to which they belong.

Connectivity is crucial for moral consideration (Swets) in order to care ethicists.

This case is about the Virtue ethics. It sheds light upon the moral dilemma-based considerations.

As a Christian fundamentalist, the belief and instruction of the religion never supported homosexuality. I was only able to preserve my virtue ethics to help this homosexual man in the future.

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