HISTORY 23 American History

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Write an essay on “On the Shortness Of Life” by Seneca Young.


Seneca on the Shortness of Life

Seneca wrote The Shortness Of Life, a book about his Stoic Philosophy regarding life, death, and the importance of living.

According to Seneca, life is not short if you know how to use it. But, regardless of that, all people fear death.

The author encourages his readers to live life, take care of their problems, and enjoy the delights, pleasures, and relaxations.

The author’s main points are about how people waste their life and don’t value it. It is imperative to make the most out of what time we have, and achieve great success.

He states that time is the most precious resource in a person’s life. People who don’t value it end up being failures.

He believes that each day should be lived as if it were the last. People should not worry about tomorrow and instead focus on the present.

Seneca believes the life we have is not limited. However, we can make it shorter by wasting it.

She compares our lives to wealth, which is lost to a bad owner who wastes it all in a matter of seconds.

However, wealth that falls to the caretaker is more likely to be used.

Because our lives are like wealth it can extend and be managed effectively.

Seneca observes that people are generous with their time when they should be being more careful. However, Seneca is not so sure about sharing money.

People can be wasteful with their time, but they will protect their personal property.

He says that people believe they will live forever. They don’t realize how many years they have wasted before they accept that much of that time has already passed and is sufficient and abundant with supply.

The author doesn’t consider living on this planet for many years to be living. He only believes that you exist.

He suggests that readers could add up the years past and future.

They would count their years and see how many years are left.

Time passes silently and is not a reminder of how many years have passed.

Time does not slow down or wait. It just moves on.

So, the author questions one about their choices when it comes time to die.

One becomes preoccupied with the rush of life and, eventually, death will strike.

Seneca states that the worst thing in life is to put off the important things. This makes it impossible to enjoy the present and future promises.

Because the future holds many uncertainties, it is important to live in the moment.

Seneca’s book, “The Book of Procrastination”, was written 2000 years ago.

In many ways, he tries show us that death can happen at any time. Therefore, we must live to the fullest.

Seneca does not consider other factors that contribute to contentment, but there may be other factors that promote living life to its fullest.

It is possible to live a happy life by combining many factors.

The author doesn’t recognize that people can spend time in ways they don’t control, such as for leisure or other activities. He also neglects to consider money constraints.


The book provides valuable insight and helps one think differently about their lives.

The key to happiness is time management, according to the author.


On the Shortness and Importance of Life.

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