HIST362 Modern Revolutions

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Table of Contents

Write a report on the effectiveness of revolutions in the history of the world.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the revolution. Did it achieve its ultimate goals?

Why or why?



Because the Industrial Revolution was so fresh towards the end 18th century there weren’t any laws to start up new ventures.

No laws existed about the new technologies and even how seven-year olds could work in any industry or coal mines.

Even though there weren’t laws to limit what manufacturing plants can do with space, they did allow for the creation of new products.

Industrial revolution was a revolutionary change in industrial development.

It was only through this revolution that industrial development was possible, not just in terms of technological advancement or manufacturing, but also in the creation of new industries.

Unfortunately, these conditions were also worse for the administration personnel.

Few people could vote.

British society was able to identify many cases during the Industrial Revolution, between 1790 and 1850. There were no private sector imperatives.

Instead, the Industrial Revolution has had an impact on many aspects of life, including participation by women and the emergence of different classes like white collar, urbanization and conditions at work for financial development.

There was a lot of innovation during the Industrial Revolution.

These machines could produce mass quantities and deliver products that allowed countries to create more products and more jobs.

It also helps to increase exchange, which allows for more development.

This resulted in dealers becoming richer and prompted the founding of a working-class.

Machine development and many other factors led to a rise in worker stature.

The Industrial Revolution achieved their goals because they not only provided a wind for change and development, but also gave people a better base to build the society.

The industrial revolution forced poor people to leave their homes and move into urban areas.

Urbanization was accompanied by general health problems and grimy living conditions. This led to more issues all around.

However, the revolution was good for society and will be a blessing to many more.

Industrial Revolution had another advantage: transport systems.

These systems were essential to their business and predated all the waterways and channels that existed back then.

It was possible to transport goods and objects quickly with the steam engine.

This led to a need for rails that were more organized in order to make it easier for workers who were working and living in difficult conditions.

Even the inventions of power linger and spinning jenny moved materials from a home industry to plants. This allowed for the improvement of many of the once-repeated wasteful aspects.

This made it possible to save a lot time for everyone.

The creation and use of transmit increased correspondence in the midst of the insurgency.

It didn’t take long for news of important occasions to reach you.

It gave the crude materials to the steam engine, as the steel business was created.

Travel became easier than ever before thanks to the development of railroads in Great Britain, America and Great Britain.

The Industrial Revolution made life easier and many items that were previously only possible by making them at home became financially feasible.

The progresses did not diminish the personal satisfaction of poor people.

There are many other sides to everything. For example, in development there were issues of workers working in unsanitary conditions.


Industrial Revolution was a great resolution that changed the world in many ways, including transport, voting rights, white collar classes and so on.

The goals of this revolution are linked with other revolutions in history.

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