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Confirmation hearings in the US Senate will take place regarding President Donald J. Trump’s nomination to Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice.

The nomination is controversial. However, Republicans are likely to confirm it.

What does Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation signify for Americans?


Topic 1

Donald Trump’s decision to appoint Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his successor in the Supreme Court is one of the most controversial.

Due to differences in opinions between Justice Kennedy and Justice Kavanaugh about Justice Kennedy’s retirement, this decision has been viewed as controversial.

Justice Anthony Kennedy was always respected for his impartial views.

He was a conservative, but he was also known for his swing votes for the national interest.

But, his replacement by a man with extreme right views sparked controversies about Trump’s position on national issues as well as the decisions that could then flow into the society. (Litt).

There are more questions about whether Justice Kennedy’s abrupt retirement announcement was an intentional decision or was he forced to resign as Supreme Court judge to make room for Justice Kavanaugh. Justice Kavanaugh’s extreme right tendencies can allow President Trump to implement his decisions easily (Liptak, Haberman).

Trump appointed Justice Kavanaugh as a judge because he believed he had high standards for Justice Kavanaugh’s experience and knowledge over many years.

Trump claims Justice Kavanaugh was respected by his peers.

He is treated with the greatest respect and is considered a leader among his peers (Hurley, Holland).

Trump also refers to him as a judge with exceptional excellence and the right person to fill the role.

His past experience as an efficient legal clerk for the retiring Justice Kennedy is a testament to his ability to effectively hold the office.

These views are not necessarily those of President Trump.

Many believe that Trump’s appointment of the conservative judge may only serve to support his conservative views.

This may also justify his conservative decisions.

Justice Kavanaugh is a skilled judge who has served the US legal systems for more than 30 years and has been involved in some of the most controversial past cases.

Americans should be worried about Justice Kavanaugh’s nomination, given his conservative views.

Many spheres have criticized his views regarding reproductive rights, freedom and healthcare activities over the years.

He has always viewed these issues in a negative light citing his faith in the catholic religious sentiments (Willis).

The nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the position of Judge has shifted the balance in favor of conservationists’. This is the passion of right-wing political leaders and activists.

The controversial regulations, which include gay rights, gun controls, and personal freedom, are being closely examined and may not be as favorable to Americans as they would have liked (

You can view Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination as setting the stage for the political confrontation against the democrats.

Trump’s dream of a new America will be realized with Kavanaugh’s support.

Donald Trump campaigned on the base promise to replace America’s judicial system with the right-leaning.

Trump is delivering on his base voter promise. Donald Trump replaced Justice Kennedy in favor of the ultra-conservative Judge Kavanaugh.

The goal of the reforming the judicial system was to build support for the Republican Party’s ideological views by empowering judges.

This promise is being fulfilled by the appointment of many judges (Siddiqui).

The Supreme Court, the highest law-making body, can be controlled by the Republican Party, allowing it to have an impact on social issues such as abortions or LGBT rights.

Americans should be concerned by the appointment of Justice Kavanaugh. The entire judicial structure seems to be aligned with republican views.

Federal judiciary systems can be directly involved in addressing issues such as same-sex marriage and right to abort.

This can result in the end of long-established exemplary regulations, which have been built over a long period to uphold personal freedom, the main idea of American dreams.

This could increase the President’s power and have a significant impact on the society.

Topic 2

Houston was where I was raised. I have no interest in politics.

All I desire is a better lifestyle for my family and those who believe in America’s dream.

I am 16 years-old and I have been privileged to see the democratic government at work under President Barack Obama.

His liberal views, along with the fair federal judiciary system, have convinced me that the American system is a viable government system. The future can still be seen and developed.

Although I’m from Latin America, my family is American. I was born in the USA and raised there. I hold American values with the greatest respect.

I was aware of the hardships my family faced and am grateful to have been able to move to a country that offers me and my family more opportunities to prosper and live in peace.

I am well aware of Trump’s conservist views regarding immigrants who came to America for better lives.

Justice Kavanaugh’s appointment raises concerns because of his extreme right-leaning views about the society.

As I said, I’m not interested in political developments. However, the media plays an important part in making me aware of any political developments taking place in the country.

I am a sixteen-year-old teenager who does not have the right vote.

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