Combatting Public Relations And Communication Management

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Discuss the Combatting Public Relations and Communication Management.



Public relations are essential in the business world to maintain good relationships with customers.

The public relation can sometimes be hindered by cases like David Jones Ltd., which resulted in poor public relations with the customers.

It is perhaps the most famous case in Australia, and the one that has been accused of the worst sexual harassment.

This report highlights the main findings and suggests possible solutions.

The employer and employees can take steps to avoid the worst outcomes.

The speed with which the news about Kristy Fraser-Kirk’s sexual harassment case was spread highlights how serious the accusations were made by the 27-year old woman.

Fraser-Kirk’s allegations stemmed out of an array of alleged inappropriate sexual interactions she had with David Jones Ltd’s former chief Executive Officer (Baird and Williamson, 2011).

The case was filed in May 2010 and June 2010.

The accusations against the lady were also against senior management at the company David Jones. Some of them were aware that there had been sexual harassments, but they did not take any actions to stop the misconduct (Cornelissen 2014.

David Jones made the allegation in public. He resigned as chief executive officer Mclnnes.

Fraser-Kirk had previously complained about sexual harassment and sex discrimination.

The claims she made, however, were not considered part of proceedings at the Federal Court. They were filed before the Austarlian Human Right Commission.

The lady would have joined the claims to the Federal Court claims Judd and Easteal 2013, if the Commission didn’t resolve the issues in time.

Fraser-Kirk’s allegations were made against David Jones, her employer. She also accused Mclne of being the CEO of the company.

Mclne was accused of sexual harassment of Fraser-Kirk. However, her claims were not just against Mclne but also against the company and the board members.

These accusations made the employer vicariously accountable for the sexual harassments that Fraser-Kirk suffered from an employee (Van der Winden 2014).

David Jones, the employer tried to defend against the allegations of vicarious responsibility for the sexual harassment.

David Jones was charged with not taking action against the allegations of the employee against his chief executive officer (Wright, 2011).

The Federal Court took the case and the victim, who was the CEO of the company, resigned.

As witnesses, the taxi drivers and others who witnessed Fraser Kirk’s indecent behavior were interviewed (Wright 2011).

Most of them confirmed that Fraser-Kirk was true.

Some elderly businessmen pointed out the possibility that Fraser-Kirk didn’t get enough attention from the CEO and senior managers. The lady made these accusations against the CEO to gain some spotlight (Easteal and al.

This view is disproved by the facts that even if the CEO was innocent of the accusations, he would not have resigned in the midst of the case.

The fact that David Jones paid such a large amount to the complainer and agreed to settle this case outside of court demonstrates that the allegations against the CEO were true. Both the employers and employees were aware.

Fraser-Kirk’s text messages from Mclnne, along with her voice mails pleading for mercy and asking her to withdraw her claims, prove Mclne guilty (Wright, 2011).

The case was eventually settled outside court by the payment of an $850,000 fine.

Wright (2011) stated that the case had been in the public eye for a while.

David Jones fired Mclne following this case.


Both the employer and the employees need to maintain good public relations in the workplace.

The excellence theory could be one of the public relations theories that can be used to promote a healthy and happy public relation.

The Excellence theory, one of the most general public relations theories, outlines and provides guidelines for how public relations in business organizations can be made more effective.

The guidelines of this theory will ensure that no other case such as the one in Fraser-Kirt vs David Jones occurs.

This theory defines the acceptable behavior to promote good public relations and against misconduct.


Fraser Vs David Jones – The CEO was responsible in the sexual harassment and misconduct against Fraser-Kirk as a woman employee.

The CEO’s sexual misconduct should not have been allowed, if the employee did not accept the acts.

The CEO should not have encouraged sexual misconduct by employees. It is best to maintain good relations with them and not encourage any acts of harassment.

Sexual harassment must be reported to the employer immediately if it occurs.

Maintaining good public relations would be possible by following the workplace guidelines and ethics.

The CEO could have stopped sexual discrimination against employees. This would have saved Mclne his job, livelihood, respect, and money that Fraser- Kirk was required to compensate him.

These recommendations might have saved David Jones’s job.

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