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Write a report on American history.


The essence of the American dream is that it was created long before its creation.

The American dream can, however, be traced chronologically starting with its discovery and ending with its colonization.

“The age and exploration (1600)” is the primary source document that highlights the various stages in the exploration of America, from its discovery by Columbus to the present day.

The article “THE AMERICAN COLONIES [1620-1733]”, on the other hand, outlines the idea of America colonies from 1620-1733 (Schulman).

The documents give a lot of information regarding American history and the American discovery.

The following two documents are used as the basis for this paper. It will discuss the details of the discovery of America and its colonies.

While many topics are covered in the articles, this paper will be devoted to the discovery of America and its colonization.

First, the Spanish expedition led by Christopher Columbus had circumnavigated the continent of America around 1492. This was where he presented the new world of Columbus’ discovery to the Western World (David 38).

According to the article Columbus began his exploration by looking at the general civilization he had encountered while traveling around the globe, including the friendly Native Americans.

There was an explosion of European exploration, colonization and conquest after this exploration.

There is an explanation for how exploration of America happened throughout the entire trip.

This article explains its importance in explaining America’s exploration and colonization.

Columbus wrote about his expedition to discover America.

According to the article Spain, Portugal, and Spain led to the divisions of the non-European globe immediately after the treaty at Tordesillas was signed in 1494.

A line was drawn through South America in the New World division (Schulman).

Columbus’ first voyage was to the Caribbean. He visited Puerto Rico, Hispaniola Island, and Cuba Island.

His expedition was expanded to the North and South America in the 16th Century.

It appears that Columbus made it to the South American coast during his third voyage.

According to the article Spain sent an expedition, and they conquered the territory quickly through a corporation that included Indian allies.

They gained more control over South America, Central America, Mexico and Central America by this time (Schulman).

Portugal also colonized large swathes of eastern South America during that time.

It is obvious that the American colonial history covers a long history beginning in 16th century.

“The American colonies” refers to charters and Acts like the First Charter of Massachusetts (or the Molasses Act).

According to the article, English saw North America during the middle and early sixteen centuries as a means of harassing the Spanish.

A rebellion broke out in the Netherlands and the rebels proved to be Protestants.

It was also believed that Queen Elizabeth Jones (Jones) helped the rebels.

England, France, Spain, and the Netherlands came up with a plan to colonize Americans.

Although there were many failed attempts, successful colonies were established within a few decades.

In Plymouth’s ideal scenario, the Massachusetts Bay colony would be considered the first settlement.

This is because there were many Puritans seeking refuge from religious persecution in England, which led to the founding of the Plymouth settlement.

Fryd 93 explains how the first charter was prepared for Massachusetts in the early 1620s.

The charter was designed to include the entire recital for the patent which was granted in 1620 to the council at New England and the subsequent grant by the council.

This document led to the establishment in Massachusetts of a province.

The charter contained a description of how the government would operate in the colony, including those whose lands were displaced from the Massachusetts Bay Colony’s original lands (Howe 389).

William Pinchion then approved the charter (Iizuka Michiko and Mulu 59)

The article illustrates, in essence, a detail of Mayflower Compact bound especially for Colony of Virginia by Company of Merchant. These were believed to have been adventurers from London.

Both articles were intended to highlight the entire voyage from America’s discovery to the founding of colonies.

The article covered the journey of Christopher Columbus and his discovery of the New World.

Evidently, the article explicitly covered how America was developed by its colonies which were the English, Spanish and Dutch (Elliott).

The articles’ purpose was to inform. Therefore, the subject was presented clearly, cogently, and accurately.

This was the success of the articles.

In conclusion, it is clear that the discovery of America can be attributed in part to several explorers.

This shows that America was developed by a combination of many explorers and discoveries.

Therefore, everyone who was an explorer deserves respect for their achievements.

However, the paper could also show how an American colony was built under England.

There are many theories about the discovery of America and the formation of its colonies. However, Christopher Columbus, an explorer, played a key role in America’s history and development, including colonization.


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American history: The importance of the frontier

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