ACR203 Crime Victims And Justice

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Table of Contents

An essay discussion should be deep and thoughtful. It must also include critical analysis of key issues related to the topic.

Referring to only one category of hate crimes, discuss at most three of the key issues victims may face in interactions with the criminal justice systems in Victoria. Then, analyse any possible changes to improve the experience for your chosen category.

Family Violence

Victims of family violence in Victoria can be helped and supported by the criminal justice system.

Consider this statement in light of at least three of the most pressing issues facing family violence victims. Then, analyze some of the important provisions introduced in Victoria to support family violence victims.

Discussion of the problems faced by people living with a disability (physical, intellectual or mental impairment) and elderly people in dealing with the criminal justice systems as victims of crime in Victoria.

Discuss relevant legislative and operational reforms, which have been made in recent years to make crime victims more comfortable.

Victims of State Power

Discuss three possible ways the State’s power can be used to victimize people through the agencies of the Victoria criminal justice system. Then analyse key provisions that should or could stop such victimization.



Family violence is a growing problem which can lead to many criminal cases.

It is better not to allow such behavior to continue in the early stages.

Family violence begins when the dominant family member attempts to oppress the weaker person, and other family members are unable raise their voices.

Oppression or suppression are not the mind of the person who is suffering.

You must stand up for your rights and refuse to tolerate any misbehavior in your family.

There are many causes of family violence, such as depression, drinking excessively, esteem need, family tradition.

Female Violence in Victoria

Many people suppress females because they are considered weaker members of society.

This is wrong. It’s about the ego needs of a dominant male. He cannot bear to see women standing side by side with him. Therefore, he believes that beating women is a way for him to assert his power and get his self-esteem.

Australia’s 1 out 5 women are subject to sexual and physical abuse. 62% of women have been physically assaulted or threatened by a male perpetrator. (Liberty Victoria, 2017).

On average, around 58% women have never called the police and/or shared their situation with anyone. Women who have children face similar assaults, which is 61% according to Australian institute of criminalology, 2017.

Family incidents in Victoria (January 2012 – December 2016).

Victoria’s ratio of victims to perpetrators is extremely depressing. The age group between 15-44 years old faces the problem family violence. 78628 family incidents have been recorded by the Victoria police at the end 2016. This increase of 5.7% was seen from 2015.

The abuse of females is not only felt by one individual, but also the entire family.

Here are the details of indirect abuse to family members:

The data shows that abuse is a regular occurrence.

Despite many efforts, the victim has not been able to stand up for herself.

The victim is not trying to change the situation, but rather they are coping with it on their own.

Data shows that victim reports have not increased in the past five years, but they have maintained a steady pace.

It is evident from the above analysis that crime is growing rapidly but that the rate of filed cases has not increased (crime statistics 2017).

The proportion of victim reports sorted by offence, January 2012 to Dec 2016.

Vic, 2017, states that women who are abused are not just from rural areas or Indigenous communities. They affect all women in the community, whether they are homemakers, workers, or remote residents.

The main risk factors that contribute to violence in the community are male gender, tradition, alcohol, and drugs.

Masculinity is the male ego which resides primarily within the head of the family. He believes he has the upper hand and that everyone else will follow his lead.

These people don’t believe that gender equality is possible. They feel that women are weaker and require the support and protection of men.

Because of their chauvinist nature, toxic masculinity encourages violence. They are incapable of adapting to change and can become rigid.

This can lead to domestic rape, or sexual assault. Because the ego of a chauvinist can’t bear rejection and becomes angry, it also makes them angrier.

Since ancient times, people have believed in hitting women.

In such families, the culture of hitting women has become a common practice.

Cultural myths have it that men are superior and can be allowed to share any behavior with women.

They believe that women should be suppressed because it serves their ego needs.

This type of person does not have any social learning and believes that their parents are doing the right thing.

In such cases, women don’t even have to admit this fact to their husbands, fathers, brothers, etc.

(dominant person) is wrong to them, so they assume that whatever happened to their mother or sister also made it right for male to beat them (Parliament of Australia 2011).

This stereotypical nature is passed to some people as they grow up. If the teachings they get are wrong, both the oppressors and suppressors will be given social learning to learn what is right for them.

Due to their excessive use of toxic substances such as alcohol and drugs, people who have taken these toxic substances tend to be more violent and abusive than other people. It is estimated that between 25 and 85 percent of those who abuse or batter spouses are affected by toxic substances.

Vichealth, 2017, says that a person who has consumed alcohol has a totally new personality.

Because of the impairment caused by alcohol or drugs, he cannot think clearly and is incapable of understanding things.

His nervous breakdown makes it easy for him to engage in illegal activities.

Because of their mental imbalance, studies show that men who can’t control their drinking are more inclined to engage in illegal activity.

This is not true for all men, as not all of them drink the same amount. Crime statistics 2017: Female violence.

Victoria has been leading in cases of family violence for 15 years. In order to stop such activities, certain provisions have been made.

Commonwealth act, family violence protection and commonwealth act are just a few examples.

They were designed to protect victims from abuse.

The COAG 2017 Council of Australian Governments established a Coordinator-General for Domestic Violence and Family Violence position to monitor laws and protect victims’ rights.

This was done to ensure safety for all victims and to exchange information.

AFM (affected families members) were also supported to ensure their safety at home.

Commonwealth government provided 24/7 counseling support for victims living in Victoria. It also funded telephonic and internet counseling.

Victoria police (2015) also established a party safety program to reduce the risk of accidents in the parties.

COAG supported the national plan to reduce domestic violence towards women and their children in 2011.

In order to implement the national plan, the Office for Women (OfW), worked with the Federal Department of Social Services (DSS).

The National Plan was designed to achieve the following policies; free, safe community; respectful relation; strengthen indigenous communities; services offered shall meet victims women and children; perpetrators shall stop their violence; justice shall work (Commonwealth 2009).

In an emergency situation, the VP called 000 and initiated emergency services for victims.

Section 13 of the Family Violence Act gives police power to direct and detain officers and ensure safety of victims’ families.

The section 50 law allows for the issuance of a warrant to arrest the offender.

Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria was established by the government for common people to help them with their domestic abuse and education.

Civil and criminal laws apply to domestic violence to women.

Family Law Act 1975 The court handles its proceedings.

Both the Commonwealth and the State Government are involved in the same for victims to help them and to implement the Nation Plan 2010-22 (ALRC, 2011,) to reduce violence against women.

This national plan includes specific actions plans to accomplish specific purposes, including prevention from sexual assault, greater support for children who are affected, and more assistance.

Vichealth and other communities conducted surveys to assess the victims’ situation and determine the facts ad figures for victoria familia violence (ABC 2016, 2016).

Victoria’s government also wants to offer living facilities to victims who are facing accommodation problems. Also, they have announced a Women Safety Package of $15 million to provide legal and medical support for victims located in high-alarm or remote areas.

They can stay in safe care facilities which offer such services.

To provide emergency accommodation services, the government created National Partnership on Agreement on Homelessness.

For 2015-16, the government provided $230 million in funding to homeless victims (Human Rights, 2012).

Although the Victorian government is trying to address the problem of female domestic abuse, such issues can only be solved if victims are properly educated about their rights.

Even though these norms were created, the ratio keeps increasing.

Therefore, the government will continue to look into the reasons behind the rise in these figures.

Neglect in the character of women, social pressure, ignorance about their pain, and many other factors are responsible for the high incidence of family violence.

The country should pay particular attention to female violence.

WHO international highlighted that the government must focus less on providing support services and more on preventing violence in the country.

Prime Minister stated that he will work to increase national awareness and make it clear that domestic, family, or female violence is unacceptable in all circumstances. He will also take strict measures to ensure that this happens.

National Crisis Summit, which was sponsored by the opposition labor party, provided $ 70 million to help victims and provide legal assistance (World Health Organization (WHO), 2013).


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