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Part 2 (1-2 pages): Analyze how your interview content SUPPORTS the arguments we have read in the course or CONTRADICTS those arguments.

Be specific! I want you to use the interview content as EVIDENCE for or against specific US immigration policies and for or against the readings and materials we have covered.

It is not enough just to categorize the interview content according to which week it falls into. For instance, let’s say the person you interviewed talked about their fear when crossing the border and almost being spotted by a Border Partol helicopter.

I could see this story fitting into our week on border enforcement. But it is not enough to say “this fits in the week on border enforcement.” (That is too vague).

To earn full credit, you would need to say something more specific like: “Despite her fear, the interviewee continued across the border because she had family networks in the United States. Her story provides evidence in support of Doug Massey’s argument that militarizing the border is not effective because it does not address the root causes of migration such as social networks with family in the United States.” (or expand on that type of point).

You will not have space to cover everything discussed in the interview, so you should pick a few key themes and points, preferably things you plan to address in your final podcast. I also suggest you analyze the strongest and most interesting stories the person shared.

  1. Part 3 (1-2 pages): Write a list of key quotes from the interview that shed light on course themes. Beside/under each quote, write a sentence explaining WHY you think it is interesting or important in relation to the course. I highly recommend picking quotes you might use for your final podcast.


This assignment is worth 15% of your course grade and should lead directly into your final project. The rubric appears below.


  1. A note on how the interview assignment is DIFFERENT from the final podcast:
  2. The Interview assignment is an UN-EDITED recording of an interview you have completed. You will submit this along with a 2-3-page memo, which is essentially your notes analyzing the interview in relation to class. You do not need to submit your informed consent (just complete it).

By contrast, the final is an EDITED podcast, which will offer your analysis on a key theme related to the course. The podcast will probably combine you speaking about your topic area (drawing from course materials), clips from the interviews you and your group conducted, and any other sound clips you want. Think of the podcasts we have listened to as an example.

I expect the interview assignment will provide raw material for the final podcast. So it is highly likely (and encouraged) if they overlap, but the final will incorporate more analysis, more pieces, and only clips from the interview. You may also use your OWN voices and stories in the podcast if you wish. 

If you’re doing the final in a group, you may all use similar questions for your interviews, and your final podcast may draw from some or all of the interviews you complete. Explanation & Answer: 2 pages

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