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In your opinion, pick 3 things that you found most interesting in this class.  Why did they cause you to think about them?

   Provide an original and thorough response to the following prompt

·         Write three full paragraphs, one for each item, paying special attention to grammar, spelling, and sentence structure

·         Be sure to draw from  the text

·         Post a thorough reply to at least two peers, engaging substantively with some aspect of their post.

·         Your replies should be at least 4-6 well developed sentences (although longer is fine).   See the Discussion RubricpostCanvas.docx download 

Link to textbook: https://revel-ise.pearson.com/courses/5fd7b4ebfe52…

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Thank you.Here are two peers’ posts to reply to:The first thing I learned was how widespread female genital mutilation (FGM) is and how horrific it made me feel to read about. As stated in Hock (2016), “Females that have been subjected to FGM can suffer from reoccurring bladder and urinary tract infections, cysts, infertility, an increased risk of childbirth complications, and the need for more surgeries later in life as the vagina opening can be sealed and resealed multiple times causing severe damage” (p. 51). While there has been a worldwide awareness to educate and prevent FGM from occurring, it is still a widespread practice throughout many countries in Africa and the Middle east. I found this topic interesting because it horrified me. I am a female and the thought of having any of my genitals removed disgusts me.I also found the taboo on masturbation to be interesting. I was always consciously aware that masturbation was not talked about, but I didn’t quite realize that it was a topic that was shunned in many parts of the world to include the United States. In 1994, U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders was dismissed from her post because she answered a question about whether or not masturbation should be taught as a way to prevent children from engaging in riskier behavior. Joycelyn Elders said, “With regard to masturbation, I think that it is something that is a part of human sexuality and part or something that should perhaps be taught” (Hock, 2016, p. 197). The simple fact that she was a female, answered a question about human sexuality honestly and accurately, and was dismissed from her post baffles me. Hopefully future research lessens the taboo associated with masturbation.The third thing I found interesting that I didn’t realize was an actual disorder was being Exhibitionistic. Exhibitionistic disorder is someone who experiences sexual arousal and gratification from displaying their genitals without the consent of the viewing party. I always thought that people did that as a joke. I didn’t actually realize that was a disorder that allowed the Exhibitionist to experience sexual pleasure from doing so. The internet is actually harmful for people suffering from this disorder because they can reach thousands of people with the click of a mouse button. There is no way to actually call it a crime over the internet because one can say that the viewer and presenter are of legal age and voluntarily watching and showing, assuming that all parties are of legal age. The book states to ignore anyone who should display themselves to you in an unwanted manner and walk away (Hock, 2016).Hock, R. R. (2016). Human sexuality (4th ed.). New York City, NY: Pearson Education, Inc.——————————————————————————————————————————–Female genital mutilation. This topic has stayed in my head ever since I learned about it in chapter 2 because I had never heard of this and it made me feel sad for those girls. What made it worse was that they start doing this on any age in females as young as infants. To add to that, none of these procedures are done with anesthesia so the girl is feeling everything that is being done to her and they use nonsterile instruments to cut or stitch her up. This topic made me feel uncomfortable and angry because I can’t figure out how in someone’s mind this is seemed as correct or okay and I hope those girls get the help that they need.The Masters and Johnson’s observation experiment. In chapter 3 the book spoke about how humans respond to sexual stimulation and how we came about knowing about this information 50 years ago due to these 2 scientists. I thought this was interesting because according to the text book, their experiment is still being used by people to study the backdrop of sexual responses even though this experiment is not considered ethically okay today. And if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have knowledge about how our bodies respond to sexual stimulation. The last topic that I found interesting was how marriages were arranged back in the 1700’s. In chapter 4 of the textbook they talk about how in the 1700’s, marriage was arranged by the couples parents. And if their kids were not married before the age of 22, then they could end up without a partner for the rest of their lives. That was so shocking because thinking about how it is today, some women are choosing not to be married or don’t want to have kids. Some even wait until their mid 30’s to plan to have their first born. Something else that stood out to me was the “bundling” process the parents back then made the couples go through. This was when the parents encouraged the couple to sleep on the same bed, with a board in between them so they couldn’t touch each other, and sometimes they were even sewn onto the bed. Where as now, people have sex with either random people or with their significant other, and some move in together before they’re married.

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